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It’s an exciting age to be alive!

We are rapidly advancing towards greater heights of technology paying witness to inventions like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Flying Cars, and the prospect of traveling to space as an excursion! The word ‘exciting’ fails to define these milestones mankind is achieving on its way to glory. And while the world gets drowned in the frenzy of the technology awesomeness, one particular lot keeps themselves busy, working their minds on all the things we do on the Internet – surf, chat, shop, bank, share, and so on. We’re referring to the enemies of the World Wide Web and we know them as cybercriminals – always a step ahead of us and always on the lookout for their preys – individual users, businesses, government bodies; anyone and everyone who is connected to the Internet. We can no longer hide from the fact that digital threats are increasing in strength and they are surely not showing any signs of decline.

Technological advancements and digital threats are directly proportional to each other. As one increases, the other grows. So, do we stop using the Internet or embracing technology for the fear of being hacked someday? We must agree, that is not an option we all have at our disposal. But what we do have is our discretion of using these tools wisely. Doing things as simple as exercising caution with unknown or unexpected emails, pop-up ads, fake news or hoaxes on social media or while sharing your personal data online, keeping your computer OS and its programs updated and patched, etc., can help you put yourself out of the radar of attackers. And when you couple your cybersecurity hygiene and knowledge with a reliable IT security solution, it is less likely that viruses, malware, and all other threats will come knocking on your door.

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