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Quick Heal Internet Security the best security solution for secure online browsing

Firewall Protection (2-Way Protection), Full Scan, Boot Scan, Screen Locker Protection, Emergency Disk, Browser Protection, Hijack Restore, USB Drive Protection, Wi-Fi Scanner


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Ultimate Security


Surf The Online World Safely

Browsing Protection

  • Blocks suspicious and harmful websites that can download malwares and worms to your PC or steal your data.

Phishing Protection

  • Prevents all kinds of phishing attempts that try to steal your data. Fraudsters impersonate legitimate email notifications asking for login or banking credentials. This feature detects such attempts.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Protection

  • Keeps your data and PC safe from ransomware attacks.
  • Smart data backup and restore features act as a safety net to get your valuable data back in case of a ransomware attack.

Safe Family, Happy Family

Parental Control

  • Makes Internet a healthy platform for your children. Regulates your children’s access to the Internet and blocks unwanted websites and apps to protect them from offensive content and online threats. Their safety is in your own hands.

Secure Email Communications

Email Protection

  • Prevents malwares coming through emails.

Spam Protection

  • Blocks spam emails and malware infected attachments.

Robust & Proven Scan Engine

Virus Protection

  • Blocks virus infections that try to infect computer programs to gain admin control and steal data.

Malware Protection

  • Detects all kinds of malware, viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware that try to inflict your PC from various sources and removes them instantly.

Advance DNAScan

  • Keeps an eye on all the running programs on your PC to trace any suspicious behavior. DNAScan, our indigenous and proven detection mechanism, detects new and unknown malicious threats based on behavioral classification of the documents and files.

Do Banking & Online Shopping Confidently

Safe Banking

  • Protects your credentials including bank account, username, and password during banking transactions and online shopping from getting stolen.


  • Blocks all keystrokes spyware that can record your data and send to the hackers.

No Fear Of Intrusion Attack


  • Protects against network attacks.


  • Blocks all kinds of malware intrusion and hacking attempts. Detects and blocks Remote Desktop (RDP) brute-force attempts and IP of remote attackers.

Why Quick Heal Security?

Ultimate security for all Internet needs. Bank, chat, email, and browse online with round-the-clock security.


Strong Protection

Our robust scan engine provides security against known and unknown malwares, phishing, and virus attacks in real time.Ensures that you browse the Internet securely and blocks malware download on your PC.

Lightweight Footprint

Lightweight, yet powerful antivirus that uses minimal system resources and lets you enjoy the full power of your PC.

Ease of Use

The simple interface and optimum default security settings ensure minimal user intervention. Just install and register the product, and enjoy your secure digital world.

Best-in-class support

Toll-free number, online support, and a knowledge base information platform for all your queries.

System Requirements

Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP (SP2) and higher

Intel Pentium 4 or higher

Internet Explorer 6 or higher

2 GB or more

Disk Space
1.8 GB or more

Additional requirements

  • Internet connection to receive updates and for activation.
  • Minimum screen resolution 1024 X 768.

Quick Heal Internet Security the best security solution for secure online browsing

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