Terminator UTM - Quickheal

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Network security. Connectivity. Productivity

First line of defense for your network.

  • Power-packed network security solution to guard your network against emerging threats.
  • Robust and fully integrated security solution against growing application layer threats.
  • A smarter solution to make your enterprise network work productively and proactively.


  • Firewall
      Administrators can block or allow access for each protocol, to each internal network, user and user group.
      Prevents network from mass attacks like DOS and DDOS so that the network remains unaffected from remote and sync flood attacks.
  • Gateway Mail Protection
      Scans inbound and outbound email messages and email attachments. AntiSpam scans and runs a series of tests on inbound email messages.
  • Load Balancing
      Allows multiple ISPs to be used in a network simultaneously enabling users to utilize the same gateway irrespective of the ISP lines.
  • Automatic Link Failover
      Automatically diverts the data traffic from inactive ISP to active ISP lines in case any of the ISP lines fail to perform.
  • Content Filtering
      Prevent viewing inappropriate web sites.
  • Gateway Anti-Virus
      Protection provides another layer augmenting existing desktop virus solutions.
  • VPN
      Provides the IT administrators means for secure communications with the company's remote users and for building secure site-to-site connections.
  • Bandwidth Manager
      Simplifies the IT administrator's task of allocating bandwidth on the basis of usage among users and user groups and saves the bandwidth cost of the company as you spend only on what you need.
  • IT Policy Management
      On device comprehensive logging and reporting. User friendly web-based configuration.


  • Business Benefits
      Safe working environment, Employee Productivity, Cost- effective bundled solution, Regulatory Compliance.
  • Financial Benefits
      Consolidated Cost-effective Solution, Optimum use of IT Resources.
  • Technological Benefits
      Cumulative Network security, Plug-and-Play Solution, Extensive Support for your Quick Heal Terminator