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Tablet Requirements

  • Android 2.1 and up

Most trusted anti-virus security for Android-based tablets enriched with robust anti-theft features.
Available for all ranges of Android tablets, the next generation Quick Heal Tablet Security protects your tablet from viruses, malware, data theft, phishing, spam, and all other kinds of infections. 
Easily configurable features help you block fraudulent and suspicious sites, block unwanted calls and SMS, and control your data usage to lower your bills, it also helps to boost device performance.
Scans apps, files and media in real time, wipes data from lost or stolen tablets, and blocks the lost or stolen tablet to render it useless for others.

Features & Benefits:

  • Virus Protection:
    • Automatically scans malware, spyware, and Trojans.
    • Scans each downloaded app to ensure that it’s safe.
    • Intelligent software automatically updates itself against latest virus definitions.
    • Scans data on your SD card/memory card or if you’re using somebody else’s card to protect against malware.
    • Advanced protection settings empower you with security against Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) and Adware.
    • Allow to configure the list of applications/Files & Folders to be excluded from scanning.
  • Anti-Theft:
    • Remote locking allows you to lock your precious android device and block its usage.
    • Tablet tracking helps you locate your lost or stolen device.
    • SIM Change Notification send alerts message to given alternative number in case of a SIM Card change.
    • Block the usage of your Android device in case SIM Card is removed after device lost.
    • Trusted SIM – the device is not blocked if a SIM from the trusted list is being used.
    • Uninstallation Protection helps to make your application more secure as no unauthorized users can remove the application.
  • Data-Protection:
    • If the tablet device contains sensitive information,you can block the tablet access remotely.
    • Remotely wipe data by sending a pre-defined SMS.
    • Remove Personal data (contacts, SMS, calendar, SD card) and data once deleted cannot be recovered.
  • Call Filtering:
    • Blocks unwanted calls. Stops vishing attacks. 
    • Silent blocking action doesn’t interrupt.
    • Helps to configure black list to block unwanted calls.
  • SMS Blocking & Spam Protection:
    • Silently blocks unwanted SMSs.
    • Scans links in SMSs and filters infected/harmful links to prevent smishing attacks.
    • Blocks SMSs from unwanted or unknown numbers.
    • Helps you to create White and Black lists for your contacts.
    • Helps to create list of spam keywords and blocks the incoming SMS based on keywords from list.
  • Web Security:
    • Block infected websites.
    • Block access to fraudulent websites to protect against phishing your confidential information. 
    • Supervise online activities of children or other users through Parental Control.
    • Block certain websites or categories of websites.
    • Allow certain sites from blocked categories. 
    • Note: The Web Security feature supports Android default and Chrome Browser.
  • Network Monitor:
    • Monitor data usage on various networks available on your tablet.
    • Set alerts for maximum data usage limits.
    • Block networks when maximum data usage limit is reached to control your Internet bills.
  • News:
    • Gives you the latest news, security tips,alerts and information updates from Quick Heal.
  • Performance:
    • Allows you to kill idle or running apps on your device regularly.
    • Speeds up your device performance.
    • You can also set power saver mode to lengthen the battery life of your tablet.