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Mobile Phone Requirements

  • Supported Versions of Android:
    Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 and 4.0
  • Supported Resolutions of Android:
    240x320; 320x480; 480x800; 600x1024
    Important: Quick Heal Mobile Security does not support Dual SIM Android mobile devices.
  • Supported Versions of BlackBerry:
     5.0.0; 6.0.0; 7.0.0; 7.1
  • Supported Resolutions of BlackBerry:
    320x240; 360x480; 480x360; 640x480
Quick Heal Mobile Security, compatible with Android and BlackBerry platforms, is a powerful suite that brings to you the real-time protection against virus threats, anti-theft, unwanted calls and SMS.

*Quick Heal Mobile Security Freedom Pack:
Ideal for those who prefer to frequently change their mobile devices. The license is valid for 1 year and locked to the registered mobile number.

**Quick Heal Mobile Security Lifetime Pack: License is valid for 3 years or lifetime of the mobile device, whichever is less. The license is locked to the mobile device and cannot be reused or transferred to another mobile device.


  • Provides automatic real-time virus and spyware scans with optional manual scan..
  • Cell blocking enables you to block unwanted calls.
  • SMS blocking allows you to silently block unwanted SMSs.
  • You can filter unwanted SMS, block spam SMS text messages from unknown senders and easily configure Black list and White list.
  • In case of a theft this the Anti-theft feature helps in tracking, locking or remotely rendering the Android OR BlackBerry mobile useless.
  • With an easy-to-update virus protection (Applicable for Android only) and a dynamic yet simple interface virus removal from your mobile has never been this easy!


  • Assures automatic protection from all kinds of malware threats.
  • Scans applications before those get installed on the mobile. (Applicable for Android mobile only)
  • In case you have to use somebody’s memory card then the anti-virus engine scans the memory card first before any data is transferred.
  • The software provides a high degree of flexibility allowing you to use your mobile while the scan runs in the background.
  • Block unwanted calls and filter unwanted SMS thus saving on time and accruing productivity.
  • Powerful AntiVirus engine results in improved device performance so you spend less on mobile maintenance.
  • Software simplifies configuration with easy-to-use mobile handset interface.
  • Access to email and technical support from your mobile device.