Frequently Ask Questions

How to uninstall your Quick Heal product

1. To uninstall, select Start start button in Windows 7 or start button in Windows XP at the bottom left corner of your computer screen.
Select All Programs
All Programs
Scroll down the list to find and select Quick Heal AntiVirus folder
Quick Heal antivirus folder
Then select Uninstall Quick Heal AntiVirus.
Uninstall quick heal icon


2. A prompt with the message Do you want to Remove Quick Heal AntiVirus completely from your computer? is displayed.
Click Yes to continue with the uninstallation.

*Note: If you have password-protected Quick Heal, an authentication screen appears.
Enter your password and click OK.

3. Click Next to continue with the uninstallation without saving the repository.
If you want to retain the repository, clear the required options and click Next.

4. The uninstallation process will be initiated. When uninstallation is complete, a message appears.
Please note the product key for future reference. You can save your product key information by clicking Save to file.

5. Restart is recommended after Quick Heal uninstallation. To restart click Restart Now, or click Restart Later to continue working on the system and restart after some time.
Restart computer after finished

Quick Heal Un-installation is completed!