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Change Date and Time on your computer

If your Quick Heal icon is red even though the virus database date shows the current date, there is a high chance that the date and time on your computer is not correct.

Since Quick Heal compares the current date on your computer and the date that the update performed, if the current date shown on your computer is not on the same date as the current update date, the icon will be red.

To fix that, please follow these steps:

1. Find the date and time at the bottom right of your computer. Check if the information is correct.
Date and Time at the bottom right of computer screen

2. If it is not correct, click on the date to show the pop-up as below
Calendar pop-up

3. Then click on ‘Change date and time settings…’ to show this window
Date and Time window

4. Then click on ‘Change date and time…’ button to show this.
Change your date and time here and click OK for all windows to apply changes.
Calendar window

Your Quick Heal icon will be green as it should be!