About Us

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd is based in Hamilton, New Zealand and is the sole licensed distributor for Quick Heal products through out Australia and New Zealand. Established in June 2004 it strives to become a preferred household name when it comes to anti-virus protection.

 With a clear focus on customers and paramount focus on high quality  user  friendly solutions Quick Heal anti-virus Software is poised to take New  Zealand  and Australia by storm. Quick Heal Technologies Ltd mission is to  develop  strategic channel partners throughout New Zealand & Australia and to  provide  them speedy access to Quick Heal products. At the same time ensuring  customers receive the very best service possible through these  channels  partners. Quick Heal's vision is to provide anti-virus software that is  simple to  use and  superior to all other brands on the market by both price and  performance.

 Quick Heal New Zealand Ltd (Detech International trading as Quick Heal New Zealand Ltd) operates an open door policy, which facilitates  open communication between our channel partners and us. With a very organic  approach to business. We are able to adapt very quickly to a changing  environment and  react promptly to our customers needs. These factors  combine to bring the very best business solution to the end user. .